CMF is a recently established consultancy set up to advise and assist clients dealing with new or expanding export markets. We help to optimise overseas opportunities by:

  • improving communications with trading partners and ensuring that the message transmitted is, in fact, the same as the message intended to be conveyed. 
  • handling marketing research and informing product development of issues likely to influence the sales potential of new or modified products.
  • identifing, selecting, and engaging suppliers able to provide services that enhance the performance of a product in a new or changing market. 

Crucially, we are prepared to support clients by using in-house capability or project-managing out-sourced factors where resource is an issue.

Whilst our website is under construction please contact Ian Watson directly:

t: +441968675269 m: +447779565253 e: iwatson@cmfconsulting.co.uk 

Thank you for your patience.

CMF Consulting,   102 Cuiken Terrace,  PENICUIK,  Midlothian,  EH26 0AU,  Scotland

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